Disneyland Paris

Laugh ‘N’ Go Food Truck Offers “Cars” Theming at Disneyland Paris – Our Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We were at Disneyland Paris when the Cars themed Laugh ‘N’ Go food truck made it’s debut near the new Cars ROAD TRIP attraction in Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland Paris announced earlier this month that they were beginning a 10-year partnership with Bel Brands, which includes The Laughing Cow cheese. The Laugh ‘N’ Go food truck offers a couple of snack items created by Disneyland Paris chefs utilizing The Laughing Cow. Check out our photos and video below!

There is a seating area outside of the food truck for guests to enjoy their food.

The truck is like a Cars character, with eyes and a chef’s hat that looks like a roof vent. It was already becoming a popular stop for photos on the first day of opening.

Here is our video and then more photos.

On the ordering side of the truck, it says “Laugh ‘N’ Go”.

We ordered the Croque McQueen for 8 Euros.

I don’t eat ham so Jeff enjoyed it all. It seems a fairly standard park Croque Monsieur with Lightning McQueen imprinted and The Laughing Cow cheese.

There is also a Piston Cup vegetable with cheese cup. We didn’t order it.

The vegetable cup is cute, with the truck and name on it.

This side of the truck says “Serving Up Smiles for Miles!”

Here is a closer look at the chef’s hat.

The Laughing Cow is noted on this sign.

The Laugh ‘N’ Go food truck is really cute and if you are in the mood for a Croque McQueen, is a fun stop. The menu is very limited so it will be more of a snack location instead of for a meal.