Disney Imagineers Share a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Reimagined Disneyland Jungle Cruise

Hi everyone!

Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise will be reopening officially on July 16th, 2021 with a reimagined experience. Walt Disney World’s will be complete this summer (the ride is open while work is ongoing). This is a bicoastal project, which is mentioned in the video below. Imagineers Kim Irvine and Chris Beatty talk about the project, with some glimpses behind-the-scenes.

Beatty says there were three goals important to them: “Keep it classic. This has to remain the Jungle Cruise that everyone knows and loves”. Second, “Bring a sense of inclusivity to this project. We want to make sure that everyone who rides the Jungle Cruise can see themself in the characters in this experience.”

Third, “It has to be about the skippers. The skippers are what bring this experience to life”.

Irvine discusses the ride they took through the Jungle Cruise, and it offers a look at some scenes – including Imagineers working on the chimp boat (Mekong Maiden), brushing out hair and getting it ready for guests.

Props were developed with Disneyland and Walt Disney World teams working together, with a lot of conversation about the gags. Irvine says they had to be “in sync” with the story they were telling.

I am looking forward to riding the reimagined Jungle Cruise soon!