“Evil Thing: A Villains Graphic Novel” Story of Cruella De Vil to Release September 28th, 2021

Hi everyone!

Evil Thing: A Villains Graphic Novel“is scheduled to release September 28th, 2021. The book is written by popular Villains series author Serena Valentino and illustrated by Arielle Jovellanos.  It is essentially a Cruella De Vil comic novel with about 120 pages. I’ve received a copy to review and will be posting that in the next week or so when I have time to sit and read it. The book will be in three formats – hardcover, paperback and Kindle.

 Here is information from Disney on the book.

“Sure, you know the story of those wretched Dalmatians. But don’t I deserve a chance to tell my own side of the story? It is fabulous, after all.”

You may think you know the tale: a happy young couple, one hundred and one Dalmatians, and the woman determined to turn them into a perfectly spotted fur coat.
But who is that monster, that scene-stealer, that evil thing? Who is the woman behind it all? Before the car crash, before the dognapping, before furs became her only true love, there was another story. This is the story of Cruella De Vil―in her own words.
Even the cruelest villains have best friends, true loves, and daring dreams. After all, nothing is as simple as black and white.

In this first graphic novel adaptation of the New York Times best-selling Villains series, Arielle Jovellanos brings Serena Valentino’s darkly captivating world to life with beautiful and haunting illustrations in a stunning new visual format.


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