RedFrog Tiki Bar on Carnival Mardi Gras Makes its Carnival Cruise Line Debut – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Carnival Cruise Line introduced a new RedFrog concept on the Carnival Mardi Gras, the RedFrog Tiki Bar. Usually we see a RedFrog Rum Bar with a Caribbean influence (and RedFrog Pub, which is Key West inspired), and here the two-story bar is inspired by the South Pacific. We were on the ship for a day to tour it and stopped by the RedFrog Tiki Bar a couple of times – the tiki bar even has its own merchandise including Mai Tai glasses and a tiki mug (we bought both). Here is a look in photos and video!

The two-story bar includes plenty of seating.

The entire two story Tiki Bar is pretty heavily themed.

Here is our video of the RedFrog Tiki Bar, which has some details I missed (followed by more photos).

You can see here that even the ceilings have props on them.

There is a design that runs through the front of the RedFrog Tiki Bar.

RedFrog is well known across the fleet and there are even branded beers onboard.

Cocktail of the day, the Funship Premium.

There is a bar both downstairs and upstairs. And in a sign of the current times, the screen in the background says “Don’t got the vax? Grab a mask!” as one of its messages.

ThirstyFrog and the new TikiFrog Ale are on tap, Jeff enjoyed the new beer.

Tiki mugs sit on the bar. I will show the merchandise case at the end of the article.

The RedFrog Tiki Bar mug does say Carnival Mardi Gras on the back, and Tiki #1 on the bottom.

Tiki masks and photos line the walls.

We ordered a couple of drinks.

Some of the tables overlook the pool.

The Mai Tai recipe is different than on other Carnival ships – it is a little sweet for me. I received an edible straw as well in this one.

A sign mentions the Tiki Frog Ale.

Here is a look at some of the seating.

There are themed lamps overhead.

This wall includes a screen that changes as well as a pattern on the wall.

Here is a look at the bar stools.

There are interesting decor touches all over.

Merchandise includes the ceramic tiki mugs.

The Mai Tai glasses are nice.

There is a long sleeve t-shirt and Hawaiian style shirts.

There is a case with the merchandise – I wish there was a Tervis as well.

The RedFrog Tiki Bar is a fun addition to the Carnival Mardi Gras!