Park Candy Tiki Button-Up Shirts Are 20% Off Through Wednesday, August 4th (Plus Save Extra 10%)

Hi everyone!

Park Candy is offering a 20% discount on their tiki button-up shirts through Wednesday, August 4th! You can add our 10% extra discount with code MOUSESTEPS on anything in the online store. Park Candy is widening their apparel inventory, including new dresses.

Some of the styles are currently sold out, although that can change at anytime. Here are several of the shirts that are available to order as of this writing. There are men’s and women’s styles, I prefer the men’s version for myself. The shirts are extremely comfortable.

Menʻs Tiki Tiki Button Up Shirt – (there are also women’s versions of the button-up shirts).

More information about the shirt:

• Featuring our signature CANDY FLOSS four-way stretch material, the softest and most breathable moisture-wicking fabric you’ll ever wear
• 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex
• Branded buttons
• Unique embroidered message on placket tag
• Designed by Faith Harley
• Imported

Here is a closer look at the print. It really is a beautiful shirt.

Jungle Navigation Button Up Shirt is now available for late August preorder.

Men’s Birds Sing Words Button Up.

Park Candy also is selling face masks again, including masks that match the shirts. We have been wearing mostly Park Candy masks over the last year (they are our favorite to wear) and the shirts are awesome too. We are longtime friends with the owners of the company (Steve and Carise) and we were able to check out some of the merchandise before posting about it. We highly recommend the shirts and masks.


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