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Magic Kingdom Themed Pumpkins Arrive on Main Street U.S.A for 2021 Season

Hi everyone!’

Halloween is now appearing at the Magic Kingdom in the form of banners and pumpkins. There are about half the themed pumpkins as normal right now and that probably has to do with Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary taking center stage this year. But it’s nice to see some of our favorite pumpkins, including the famous restroom pumpkin above the Main Street Firehouse. (Check out my 2018 article to see pumpkins that aren’t out this year). Here are photos from yesterday!

Some of my favorite pumpkins are above the Main Street Firehouse. To the left is the restroom pumpkin that points the way to the restrooms next to City Hall.

Also here are a Dalmatian and a pumpkin with spots.

There is also a fire hydrant pumpkin.

Harmony Barber Shop to the right hand side has a trio of pumpkin singers – in the past there has sometimes been a Barbershop Quartet.

Here is a look at the trio.

There are pumpkins (not really themed) over City Hall along with banners.

Another of my favorite pumpkins is the snowman pumpkin above the Main Street Confectionery (which is currently being refurbished).

More pumpkins also sit above the Confectionery.

There is always a pumpkin with a fun look above the Emporium entrance.

The Crystal Palace has pumpkins outside of it.

Both pumpkins are carved with “CP”. I don’t recall the pumpkins from previous years.

Casey’s Corner has its themed pumpkins out.

On this side, the pumpkin here always reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

The pumpkins above Casey’s Corner otherwise are themed to baseball and the restaurant.



A baseball.

There is a hot dog on this pumpkin.

On Center Street, there are pumpkins with a paintbrush, pencil and schoolhouse on them.

Over the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, there are several pumpkins with the more interesting themed ones off to the side.

Ice cream cones are above the parlor in pumpkin form.

And there is a singing family above the Plaza Restaurant.

One pumpkin that could be hard to miss is the engagement ring above Uptown Jewelers.

There are quite a few noticeable ones not here as well, including the Jack Skellington key pumpkin, the ones above the Main Street Cinema and more. But it is good to see Halloween decorations up in advance of the kickoff of Disney After Hours Boo Bash next week.

Of course, it isn’t Halloween until “See Ya Real Soon” is spelled out above the exits.

Disney After Hours Boo Bash kicks off next Tuesday (August 10th, 2021) and I will be writing all about it on Wednesday!