Looking Back at Mickey’s Birthdayland in the Magic Kingdom (Vintage Series #2)

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Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary is quickly approaching, and we started a vintage series last week to commemorate that. Jeff has an extensive collection of photos he’s taken over the years and this week we are sharing pictures from Mickey’s Birthdayland (next week the photos will be of Mickey’s Starland).

If you ever went to Mickey’s Birthdayland, you will probably remember the Mickey’s Birthdayland Express song. It was an earworm and I can still remember it over 30 years later.

Mickey’s Birthdayland opened on June 18th, 1988 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mickey Mouse and was originally meant to be a temporary land. Mickey’s Birthdayland then made way to Mickey’s Starland, then eventually Mickey’s Toontown Fair and now the area is Storybook Circus.

Here is a look at the Birthdayland Express train – which was the train themed to Mickey’s birthday. Presents can be seen in the train and “Happy Birthday Mickey” on the front.

A sign welcomed guests to Duckburg. “Population – ‘bill’ ions and still growing”. Below that, “A town that’s everything it’s quacked up to be”.

Here is a look at the Mickey’s Birthdayland Station.

Along the train route, character cutouts could be seen – Goofy is next to a broken down car.

There was also a Mickey’s Birthdayland sign along the way.

The sign says, “I’m so glad you came to my birthday party! Thanks for being my friend – your pal Mickey”.

There were a variety of facades in Duckburg. Jeff’s mother and sister posed here in front of one. We will show more of the facades next week.

A statue of Cornelius Coot stood here for many years, and is now in the Walt Disney Archives as per D23.

Duckburg Honors its most famous citizen – Donald Duck.

Mickey’s House included references to his birthday.

Mickey’s car sat outside.

In the Magic Kingdom parade, it said “See Mickey’s Birthdayland” on this float.

Mickey’s Hollywood Theatre featured Mickey’s dressing room where guests could meet Mickey Mouse.

Here is a look at part of the room.

There was a show called “Minnie’s Surprise Party”. Confetti is showered over the characters in this photo – Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Pluto can be seen here (barely).

I’m not sure what day Minnie Moo arrived to the Magic Kingdom, but Jeff’s photos of her are from Mickey’s Starland – not Birthdayland. We will post more about Minnie Moo next week as well. Minnie Moo was born on July 21st, 1986 in Edgerton, Minnesota and was very popular – she also spent a number of years at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground before passing away in 2001. It is hard to believe it has been 20 years ago now! She had a Mickey pattern on her side.

The photos we will post of Mickey’s Starland next week will be a good companion to this article in that quite a few of them (building facades, Mickey’s house, etc.) could have been in this article as well.

Each Monday we will have a new vintage article, at least through October 1st, 2021 but maybe a bit past that as well.

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