“Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider” Book Releasing September 21st, 2021

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Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider” is scheduled to release on September 21st, 2021. This is one of several books I have set aside for review in the coming weeks. Disney says of the book, that it’s “The first book in a new middle grade series that features the adventures of Disney’s most loveable roguish heroes as kids! The target age range for the book is  8 – 12. Author Jen Calonita has also written several of the A Twisted Tales books for Disney. Read below for more information on “Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider“.

Before he was a legendary thief, he was just a boy named Eugene…”hi, how ya doin’?”Twelve- year-old Eugene Fitzherbert needs a plan. He loves Miss Calre and the boys at the orphanage, but he’s not a little kid anymore. He can’t spend his days getting into mischief and acting out his favorite passages from the Flynnigan Rider novels. In his imagination, he is that daring rogue Flynn Rider, and his best friend, Arnie, is famous thief Lance Strongbow, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Even though Eugene knows it’s just a fun game, he can’t help but wish there was more for him out there. Travel. Riches. And maybe, just maybe, his parents.So when a traveling circus comes to the kingdom promising a life of excitment, brotherhood, and unimaginable treasure, Eugene and Arnie see it as the start of their great adventure. But it soon becomes clear that there’s more to this ragtag crew than meets the eye, and it’ll take new heroes―namely, Flynn Rider and Lance Strongbow―to save the day.Filled with daring adventure and rollicking fun, the Lost Legends series explores the untold origins of Disney’s most infamous rogue boys.



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