Jungle Cruise Changes Now Complete at Magic Kingdom (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Jungle Cruise enhancements are complete at the Magic Kingdom. We rode the attraction twice on Friday and have photos and video to share below. Disney Imagineers created new characters and scenes, along with “an expanded storyline” for the attraction to make the Jungle Cruise a more inclusive experience.

We waited about 15 minutes each time around.

The Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. map showcases the route, including Schweitzer Falls and Chimp Country.

In the upper left of the map, it says “Hey Skips, I updated this old map for us! Remember to stay safe, stay friendly, and stay in the boat! Kungaloosh – Alberta”.  Alberta Falls is granddaughter of world-renowned Dr. Albert Falls, and the proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd.

Here is our video of the queue and ride, followed by photos.

A lot of changes have been made to the queue over the last few months. The attraction never closed for the updates. 

The office in the queue received new props last month.

There are a variety of items to read if you can photograph them. Felix Pechman XIII is the skipper of the boat that is seen along the ride. This is his application for employment.  There are puns including:

Career: Orange Juice Factory –  Reason for Departing: Couldn’t concentrate

Career: Sardine Factory –  Reason for Departing: Got canned

There is also a postcard from “Cousin Puffin”, who is the birdwatcher in the Trapped Safari scene. The card reads, “Alberta, Thank you for your lovely Christmas card. I hope to one day take you up on your offer of a Jungle Cruise. I especially hope to meet that bird you mentioned! He seems quite (not sure of last word yet). Keep in touch! Cousin Puffin.” This is cousin Siobhan (Puffin) Murphy from Ireland.

This postcard is from Captain Mary Oceaneer. I can only catch about a quarter of the words from my photos, I’ll see if I can do better next time.

Rosa Soto Dominguez is also on the adventure.

There is a Jungle Cruise boat model.

A chess set sits next to telegrams.

Life preservers line the walls, with names of boats along with dates and notations.

Congo Connie – 1933, “Over Schweitzer Falls”.

Molopo Marie – 1927, “Alberta’s first solo trip up the Ganges”.

Garland Gertie – 1935, “Inaugural Jungle Cruise”.

Bomokandi Bertha – 1937, “First underwater excursion”.

There are photos and other props here.

I expect the K.P. Rafferty mentioned here would be retired Imagineer Kevin P. Rafferty.

There is a new mural of Alberta Falls and her family of Skippers at the Jungle Cruise.

We boarded the boat. 

At the shack, “Lye for bad spiels”.

My photos aren’t exhaustive, you will see more details of the ride in our video near the beginning of the article.

Boats, Baits and Bites was added several months ago.

Until now I hadn’t noticed the Skipper Sully reference, which would be a reference to Disney Legend Bill (Sully) Sullivan.

There is wreckage of part of the boat here.

The Trapped Safari scene changed a couple of months back.

Rosa Santa Dominguez is a “renowned painter“.


Leonard Moss, a “noted botanist from Nova Scotia“.

The postcard that was signed “Puffin”  is the top climber, Siobhan Puffin Murphy.

Of course, the backside of water continues to be a joke.

The front of the boat wreckage has been taken over by chimps.

And a chimp is surrounded by butterflies here (including one in its mouth).

The elephants always have their trunks on.

Trader Sam’s Gift Shop replaced the former Trader Sam scene, and more has been added to it recently.

The updates to the Jungle Cruise are really fun!

Disney really did keep the feel of the Jungle Cruise similar while enhancing it. I actually enjoy it more than before.

I am not sure when we will ride again, but I’ll update this article with anything extra I think is interesting.