Disneyland Paris Halloween Decorations Arrive in Frontierland (Photos) for 2021 Season

Hi everyone!

Halloween decorations are being placed at Disneyland Paris for the Halloween Festival that runs from October 1st – November 7th, 2021. Our friends Martin and Michelle are at the parks this week and have been sending photos to us to share (Martin has a historical Disney video YouTube channel). We love Halloween at Disneyland Paris and have visited a number of times for the season. This year we opted for summer and the holidays. But thanks to Martin and Michelle, we can share a look at the wonderful Halloween decorations that have so far been placed!

The Frontierland Mickey pumpkin wreath is above the sign to the land again this year.

Before looking at all the decoration photos, you can also watch the Disneyland Paris video “Live from the Magic at Disneyland Paris”, which includes a look behind-the-scenes at the Halloween decor and Cast Members.

Above The Lucky Nugget again are some of the ghosts that used to be on Main Street, U.S.A.

I still think of these ghosts as Gibson Girl ghosts.

I believe this ghost was above Walt’s.

Some of my favorite Halloween decorations are in the Thunder Mesa area each year.

There are pumpkin townspeople.

I love all the sunflowers.

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated in decor at Disneyland Paris. There are over 500 total Halloween props plus garland in the park for the season and quite a few are here.

These are like the citizens of this area, with characters that you pass as you walk through.

There are 16 prop makers/designers who work on the Halloween decorations, starting on April 15th. They touch up and fix decorative pieces before they go out.

The lighting was fantastic this morning. This is in the Cowboy Cookout area.

Not all of the decorations we recognize are out yet, but so many are in Frontierland. These pumpkins have Mickey ears.

Scarecrows can be found in Frontierland as well.

The scarecrows have pumpkin props with them.

This one is a little different.

And here are a couple of more Dia de los Muertos figures.

So far, the bulk of the decorations installed are in Frontierland – but the familiar witch hats on lamp posts are up on Main Street now. I am hoping there will be more decorations tomorrow before Martin and Michelle leave Disneyland Paris.

Thank you to Martin and Michelle for these great photos! Check out Martin’s YouTube channel here.