ShopDisney Offering Wide Variety of 2021 Sketchbook Ornaments

Hi everyone!

shopDisney is offering a wide variety of 2021 Sketchbook ornaments, including ornaments that were very recently added. We usually pick up a couple each year in addition to any new ornaments we are adding to the tree. I’ve been collecting Cheshire Cat figures a bit lately so that may be one for me. Here is a look at just some of the current ornaments (all available when I posted this).

Lilo & Stitch Light-Up Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament

Carl and Ellie Wedding Sketchbook Ornament Up

Hitchhiking Ghosts Glow in the Dark Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament The Haunted Mansion

Luca and Alberto Sketchbook Ornament

Cheshire Cat Light-Up Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament Alice in Wonderland

Stitch Sketchbook Ornament Lilo & Stitch

Tinker Bell Sketchbook Ornament Peter Pan

Bernard and Miss Bianca Sketchbook Ornament The Rescuers

Mary Poppins and Bert Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament


There are so many other Sketchbook ornaments on shopDisney celebrating Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel (and other Disney ornaments mixed in with them). Check out shopDisney for the ornaments currently available!


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