“Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” Returns December 19th, 2021 to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hi everyone!

“Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” will return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on December 19th, 2021. This will be welcome news for many who love the show! Shawn Slater on the Disney Parks Blog also says that Nov. 7th, the “Disney Movie Magic” projection show will resume with a new sequence from Disney’s live-action “Mulan”.

Photo copyright Disney

Disney says of “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular”:

Watch live as the daring duo dodges deadly traps, battles bad guys, leaps from tall buildings and makes thrilling escapes straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The edge-of-your-seat suspense ends with a dynamite finale!

Along the way, get an inside look at how stunts are done with demonstrations that reveal how to safely throw and take punches, fall from tall buildings, and even wield whips in the midst of complex action sequences.

Quite a bit of returning entertainment and character experiences were announced today and I hope for more in the near future!