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Disney KiteTails Show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Delights – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We went to see Disney KiteTails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday, Jeff had also viewed it the previous day. There are two different alternating themes to the shows. The first we watched was inspired by The Lion King and the second was The Jungle Book. This 10-minute (approximately) show has gotten a lot of attention lately for it’s unpredictability, which is part of the fun. Here are our photos and video!

Disney KiteTails plays a number of times per day in the Discovery River Theater as part of The World’s Most Magical Celebration celebrating 50 years of Walt Disney World. Before the show began, performers had figures of characters from “Finding Nemo” including Crush.

These were colorful and fun.

Performers are holding the characters.

In the distance, the kites were being prepped for the show.

Cast Members readied these little puppets/kites for kids to hold as they paraded in the theater.

The Discovery Island Drummers kicked off the show.

Mr. Ray flew while the Discovery Island Drummers could still be seen.

A massive Zazu kite is pulled by a watercraft with his wings stretched out.

Here is our full video of the show.

And another look at Zazu.

Simba is next with a colorful mane.

The kites can be as large as 30 feet in length.

Timon and Pumba are also part of The Lion King. Of the two shows, this was my favorite.

It is fun to watch the kites land. Simba lays on the ground here.

Simba as an adult is the last kite. It is really big!

Simba looks like he is taking a nap.

Performers wave to the crowd.

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto wave to guests in between shows as they travel down the Discovery River. We had left the theater for most of the interim time because the theater can get very hot. If it is a hot day, I recommend not arriving too early for the show.

A Sebastian kite comes into view while we were waiting.

Baloo has been one of the most popular character kites online.

This is our video of the Disney KiteTails show inspired by The Jungle Book

Here is another look at the Baloo kite.

It was also fun to see him land.

There are large puppets representing The Jungle Book.

King Louie had some troubles on this day but started out soaring.

He had a water landing.

Disney KiteTails is a fun way to spend some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. This is not a spectacular, but a pair of shows that we found entertaining. A friend said that Disney KiteTails was a (surprise) highlight of his trip.