Review: Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT Offers Stellar Dining Experience

Hi everyone!

Space 220 restaurant opened to the public on September 20th, 2021 at EPCOT. Jeff covered the grand opening that day and that first article includes lunch and drinks. We were invited back to enjoy the restaurant this past Wednesday, it was my first time experiencing it and dining there. Here is our review, and I’ll end with what our bill would have been (and what it was, since we paid for the gratuity and extra drinks).

Space 220 Restaurant is at the Mission: Space pavilion.

This was actually the last photo I took inside after our meal, but it shows the lobby a little better. We picked up our boarding pass for the space elevator (Stellarvator) here. While the restaurant was relatively busy, it was quick for us to check in and be transported 220 miles above earth to the restaurant.

The Space Elevator Boarding Pass says it goes to Centauri Space Station.

We chose to dine during sunset so we could see the changeover from day to night. That happened at just after 7:00 p.m. on this day.

We have a video of the Stellarvator from opening day. This is really a great effect, it feels more like a Disney attraction than a restaurant.

Looking down at EPCOT from the Stellarvator, it was still daylight.

And we arrive to the Centauri Space Station.

Here is a video with Jeff’s full experience from opening day to show the overall feel of the restaurant.

After we sat down, I took a photo that shows day and night in the same shot as sunset occurred.

Here is a look at the mostly dark side. Moments later, sunset was over.

Space 220 offers a prix fixe menu. For lunch it costs $55.00 plus tax and gratuity for adults including an appetizer (Lift-Off) and entree (Star Course). For dinner, the cost is $79.00 plus tax and gratuity and it includes appetizer, entree and dessert (Supernova Sweets). For kids, the meal is $29.00 plus tax and gratuity for lunch or dinner.

With our media meals, we each were offered one drink. I ordered the Red Star ($17) with Jameson, dragon fruit, fresh lemon and Onyx. Jeff ordered the Planetary Punch with Bacardi Silver, Malibu, blue curacao, guava and coconut.

The Red Star was a refreshing drink and came with lemon cut into stars. I don’t like an overly sweet drink anymore and this was perfect for me. Jeff’s Planetary Punch was bubbling – and the coconut for me was the more noticeable flavor.

The forks were also interesting in shape.

For the food, Jeff ordered the Galaxy Grain Salad with quinoa, beluga lentils, roasted red and golden beets, oranges, king oyster mushroom, cashew hummus. He especially enjoyed the beets in the salad.

I ordered the Centauri Caesar Salad with miniature romaine, classic Caesar dressing and parmigiano reggiano.  The dressing was nice, the salad tasted pretty much as I expected.

We did not order a Kids’ Zero Proof Sippers drink, but we asked to photograph it. When ordering one of these drinks ($12.00), it comes with this fun sipper and a pack of Space 220 collectible trading cards.

I wanted to try one more drink, so we ordered the Jupiter Fizz with Hendrick’s gin, Aperol, grapefruit, mango ($17.00). For taste, I preferred the Red Star but it was nice to try different drinks.

I ordered the 8oz Filet Mignon with Cabernet butter, potato leek croquette and haricot vert. The red wine butter here was terrific on the filet, which was perfectly cooked and tender. I wasn’t sure I would like the potato leek croquette but it was quite tasty, like a large tater tot. The filet is not on the lunch menu, so I’d definitely come back for dinner.

For a $20 supplemental (extra over menu price) charge, there is a 1.5 pound Baked Whole Lobster stuffed with Jumbo Crab.  It comes with roasted corn, broccolini, mornay sauce. Jeff ordered this and loved it. While it says $20 supplemental it rang up at $95.00. This was a huge meal. I don’t eat seafood, but I did try the broccolini – I enjoyed the way the restaurant cooked the green vegetables. When we do come back for a meal on our own, I believe we will order very similarly to what we ordered for this meal.

Dessert was next. The Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake was the favorite of the two desserts we ordered. It has dark chocolate sauce, caramel crunchy pearls, salted toffee drizzle. Delicious. I was concerned the toffee might be a little chewy but it really wasn’t.

While we were dining, we had a variety of spacecraft and astronauts passing by.

The next dessert was the Chocolate Cheesecake with whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce, white chocolate crunchy pearls, cookie crumbs and dark chocolate shards. The presentation was beautiful. The chocolate cake was a little dense for me after the filet (even though I saved almost half of it for a to-go box). The toffee cake was just a little less so for me.

An astronaut passes by.

Even the restrooms are themed.

Here is a photo of the restaurant at nearly 9:30 p.m.

There is a lounge with a lounge menu and plenty of seating at the bar and at tables. I think we will try this out sometime in the next couple of months.

Here is a look at the tables. And while there is a good amount of seating, there has also been quite a bit of demand. I would come here later in the evening before closing for a drink.

On the way out of the restaurant, I took some photos (I took video on the way in). This is the Grow Zone display, “spinning produce representing the fresh ingredients on the menu”.

When Jeff arrived home from the grand opening, he said the restaurant reminded him of vintage EPCOT (we both have been visiting since the first year EPCOT opened and Walt Disney World before that).

We had our own Stellarvator that we waited for.

A Cast Member emerges to let us in.

This is what the Stellarvator looks like in a photo.

Earlier, our departure was during the day. Now we arrive back to Earth at night.

EPCOT comes into view.

And here is a look at Spaceship Earth on the way out of the park, before it fully lit up after “Harmonious” ended.

Space 220 was a fantastic experience. It is not an inexpensive one, the price is on the higher range for Walt Disney World meals and you get the unique atmosphere too. Patina Group runs the restaurant, and they offer some of my favorite restaurants on Walt Disney World property (including Via Napoli). Our total bill including tip was almost exactly $300.00 for two prix fixe meals, 3 alcoholic drinks, two unsweetened iced teas (Patina always makes a very nice iced tea) and gratuity. We personally paid $80.00 (gratuity, one alcoholic drink, two iced teas) as invited media.

We will definitely go back. First, to try out the lounge. And then at some point for a special occasion night out. The food and atmosphere were wonderful, and our server Kaitlyn was fantastic too. I heated up my leftover filet in the oven the next night with vegetables and it was a delicious reminder of the evening.