Book Review: “The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide”

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I had received “The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide” last month to review and being a few weeks from Halloween, I thought it a good time to post it. Insight Editions has been cranking out the cookbooks and entertaining guides over the last few years. My favorite is Marvel Comics: Cooking with Deadpool – I’ve never watched the films, but the recipes are great.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide” is a beautiful hardcover book that includes a variety of recipes that range from very easy to hard. The harder recipes often are the prettiest ones, like the Sally Patchwork Layer Cake. But there are some fun, easy recipes including Oogie Boogie Guacamole with Ghost & Christmas Tree Chips and Jack Skellington Black Bean Dip. There are a handful of cocktails and mocktail recipes.

There are over 50 recipes in the book and what I really like is that so many of them are really themed to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is often the case that cookbooks are “inspired by” and it would be a stretch to find recipes that actually resemble what they are themed to.

More than half of the book consists of recipes and my one qualm with it is that there are not photos for every recipe. The photos that are taken are professionally done and beautiful – but I think every recipe should include one. A lot of recipes do and I prefer to know what the recipes will look like when done.

The rest of the book features party ideas. For example, the “This is Halloween” Party includes the Monster Under the Bed invitation, a variety of decor options and crafts, activities and a menu. You can get a better look at some of the menu items in the pages, and at least one recipe that doesn’t have a photo in the book in the recipe section does have a photo here (The Mayor Spider-Deviled Eggs).

If you are crafty and love The Nightmare Before Christmas, you may enjoy the fun craft ideas. You don’t have to have a full party, you could make a wreath or a Haunted Gingerbread House – or party favors, etc.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide” would make a great gift for anyone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and cooking/baking/crafting. The book is by by Kim Laidlaw, Jody Revenson, Caroline Hall.

Here is the original information from the publisher:

Brimming with scary good fun, The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook & Entertaining Guide has everything you need to plan the perfect party. Is it Halloween? Christmas? Your birthday? No matter the occasion, this book will help you take your next dinner or event from routine to inspired—with a little help from Jack Skellington, Sally, Sandy Claws, and all their friends in Halloween Town.

This book is divided into two parts. Part one includes over fifty mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks inspired by the movie—with options for sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian guests. Part two includes detailed blueprints and planning instructions for several complete The Nightmare Before Christmas–themed parties, including creative crafts for DIY decorations, amusing activities, frightful favors, and more. Replicate these events exactly or mix and match ideas to create your own custom event. Make it stylish and scary or charming and full of cheer—either way your guests are guaranteed to have a screaming good time.

Bursting with vibrant photography and free downloadable templates for invitations, decorations, and other printable ephemera, this book will make every party frighteningly fun. It’s a true must-have for The Nightmare Before Christmas fans everywhere.


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