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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade 2021 Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade returned this year after not being held in 2020. It was great to see it back! There are several golf cart parades through the year (Fourth of July and Christmas are the other two), but Halloween always seems the most popular. As is often the case, chairs were lined up hours ahead along the parade route. And there always seems to be one or two themes with multiple carts, I was surprised that one of those was Moana (with four or five carts). Below are our photos and video. There were a lot more carts than in my photos, it was a great turnout.

A rider on horseback with the American flag led the parade. There was no official character/s this year. Chip and Dale often do the honors.

Here is our video of the parade. We’ve been posting videos and photos of the parade since 2010 and we always really enjoy the creativity of the campsite guests who put so much effort into their cart (and campsite) decorations.

Throughout the parade, there were some Cast Member designed carts. This one celebrated 50 years of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Camground from the Housekeeping and Custodial Team.

There was a fun Coca-Cola themed cart with guests dressed in sock hop outfits.

The next one is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers themed cart.

Up next is Tomorrowland.

“Tomorrowland Transit Authority Campermover”.

This Moana cart was terrific.

This was an interesting baby themed cart.

Woody drove the Pizza Planet truck.

The next cart was themed to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, including Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Kylo Ren is on this side.

There was theming all the way around the cart.

Here is a look at the back.

Stormtroopers walked behind it.

Sully made an appearance in cart form.

The Knight Bus was a unique addition this year.

Dumbo Captain America was a fun design.

There were several Haunted Mansion decorated carts.

The back looked like a Doom Buggy.

The next cart was designed like a Magic Band box.

On the side it said “Fort Wilderness”.

There were dinosaurs in and behind this Jurassic Park themed cart.

Cast Members were in this Disney Cruise Line themed cart.

On the back it says Disney Fantasy.

“Merry Thanksgivoween” –  a cart mashup of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mickey & Minnie’s Wilderness Cafe.

This cart had a 1960s vibe with smoke coming out of it.

Through the smoke, a whimsical Toy Story Land cart can be seen.

The cart included the various attractions like Toy Story Midway Mania.

On the back, Slinky Dog Dash.

This Moana cart included Pua on the front.

There were a couple of Maters.

Live-action Cruella was represented.

Frozen is next.

Finding Nemo.

This cart is themed to the Fort Wilderness Trading Posts.

On the back, the Cast Member driven cart says “Trading Post” along with little ice bags, Chip and Dale in masks and more.

Up was represented.

This was one my favorite carts, pirate themed.

This is at least the second time Dunkin Donuts has been a cart theme over the years.

An AT-AT is on this cart, and included a Stormtrooper.

A Disney Villains cart included Oogie Boogie and the Evil Queen.

This Inside Out cart included Bing Bong. This was a fun parade, we lined up an hour early since it was so busy and it was great to see so much Halloween spirit. We usually stay longer until the winners are announced (and to check out the decorated/carved pumpkins) but we were already late for an event.

I’ll post a separate article with some of the decorations. They include the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

There are many forms of skeletons throughout the campground.

And this was a cheeky display!

Happy Halloween!