Disneyland Paris to Offer New Santa Claus Immersive Selfie Spot in Videopolis

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris will be offering a newly themed area to visit Santa this year in Videopolis starting November 13th. “Santa’s Magical Control Room” will be an immersive experience that features Santa’s office. The Disneyland Paris entertainment teams worked with the Walt Disney Imagineering teams on this one. Read below for more information from Disneyland Paris!

Each year, Santa Claus stops by Disneyland Paris*, and this season won’t be any different! Starting November 13, guests can discover a brand-new Selfie Spot – Santa’s Magical Control Room – at Arcade Beta in Videopolis. Read on for an exclusive sneak peek…

Just before he takes off in his sleigh for his traditional gift delivery, Santa Claus opens the door to a magical and unique place. Who hasn’t dreamed of going to the place where Santa Claus carefully spends months preparing for his big trip around the world? “We are in Santa’s office where he works, prepares and plans his trip all year to be perfectly organized,” said Emmanuel Lenormand, the show director in charge of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas season.

Once again, Disneyland Paris teams have outdone themselves with imagination and creativity to offer a new and truly immersive Selfie Spot for guests. “We worked closely with Walt Disney Imagineering teams to find the right story to tell our guests.” The place to tell that story was obvious: “Videopolis was designed based on the theme of travel, so it was obvious for us to use that as a natural extension to tell Santa’s adventures before he goes on a big trip around the Earth to deliver gifts.”

Scenographer Jérôme Picoche also did a remarkable job helping to immerse guests in the heart of Santa’s Control Room. “World maps, geographical maps, books… everything is there to make sure Santa’s journey runs smoothly.” No detail is left to chance: there are maps that show the different continents, registers in which children from around the world are listed so no one is forgotten, every little detail! We can even see Sleeping Beauty Castle through a window.

*Santa Claus will only be present until December 25.