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Disneyland Paris in the Snow – the First Snowfall of 2021, Our Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

It snowed at Disneyland Paris today! I’ve been watching the weather since we arrived as snow was in the forecast, and it all came down to a beautiful 90 minute snowfall this morning. This was our first time experiencing snow in a Disney park. Here are some photos and video we took today.

First up, our video. We still have more footage so we may have a longer version next week. This gives an even better look at the snow than the photos.

The snow started almost exactly as we walked into the park. It was like walking into a life-sized snow globe. I grew up around snow but I’ve lived in Florida for almost 40 years now and don’t see it often.

The snow was relatively heavy for much of the 90 minutes. A lot of guests were outside taking photos of it and with it.

We posed for some too.

The Main Street vehicles were running (I didn’t see the Omnibus this morning). The song “Let it Snow” played at one point during the snow.

I walked into Frontierland.

If we had more snow time today, I would liked to have experienced it on the Molly Brown too.

Snow fell past the Silver Spur Steakhouse.

Phantom Manor looked beautiful with snow.

Snowflakes can be seen beyond the Phantom Manor sign.

There were some fun photos to take.

Snow did accumulate a little.

Benches received a dusting.

Guests were riding on Big Thunder Mountain.

A train goes by.

White Rabbit looked how I felt (so cold!)

Snow was on top of trash cans and in planters.

The snow gave a pretty look to the grass in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as on the turrets.

The snow stopped after about 90 minutes. Our original plan for the day was to just go into Paris, but we first stopped in at Disneyland Park for the possible snow.

Jeff wrote “Mousesteps” in the snow.

This was an amazing morning! I don’t love the cold but I do enjoy the snow and I’ve wanted to experience snow in a Disney park for a long time. It was fun getting to do just that today.