Disneyland Paris VoluntEARS Wrap 3600 Christmas Gifts for Hospitalized Children

Hi everyone!

Yesterday (Sunday, December 5th, 2021), Disneyland Paris VoluntEARS celebrated International Volunteer Day at Disney’s Newport Bay Club by wrapping 3,600 Christmas gifts for hospitalized children in France. Santa Goofy even made an appearance! Read more below from Disneyland Paris.

Photos courtesy Disneyland Paris

Disney VoluntEARS – resort employees who volunteer for philanthropic events organized by the company and who are dedicated to bringing happiness, enthusiasm and inspiration to children facing difficult situations – spent their Sunday morning wrapping toys in a festive atmosphere with the sound of Christmas carols and good spirits from everyone.

Goofy Santa himself was there to prepare the gifts! This event was yet another opportunity to bring the magic of Disneyland Paris to hospitalized kids during the holidays.