Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights 2021 Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights is back at EPCOT for the 2021 season. The Living with the Land holiday overlay has been a favorite of mine for years. “Merry and Bright Nights” officially began in 2019, adding lights to the overlay. Here are photos and video from this past week.

First up, our video of the ride.

We rode Living with the Land several times this past week. I prefer visiting during dusk.

Lights begin on the way into the greenhouses.

I mentioned dusk – I like having some light in the greenhouses. The decorative lights can be seen easily as well.

A sign says “Happy Holidays”.

A snowman family is on the right hand side this year.

Holiday lighting is beautiful along the way.

The gifts have the original logo for The Land on the wrapping.

A “Happy Holidays from Living With the Land” sign is seen with a reindeer in view.

Here are a couple of more photos of the plant decorated as a reindeer.

Blue lights are in the blue agave plants.

These boxes also have the former logo for The Land.

Ribbons are tied on various plants.

Beautiful snowflake decorations are in the windows near the end of the tour.

A large ornament decoration sits at the bottom.

The end scene looks like a living room with presents and cookies laid out.

Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights is one of the highlights of the holidays at Walt Disney World for me – Living with the Land is a favorite attraction for me anyway and the lights and decorations are just a wonderful addition.