Our Disneyland Paris Video Tour of Holiday Decorations at Disneyland Park

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris is truly a winter wonderland for the holiday season. We visited during the second half of November 2021 to enjoy Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, where the centerpiece this year is the new Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade (and I will have much more to share from that). I also took the camera for a video walking tour from Town Square to Central Plaza at Disneyland Park. I wanted to share a look especially at Town Square, which really sets the tone for the holidays in the park.

The video is about 16 minutes long. I did miss some things but the video shows a lot of the decorations that can be found, including some window displays. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy also pass by as they head to their location at the Disneyland Railroad station.

Here are a few photos from the various days. The weather ranged during our trip from clear blue to very grey and a little snowy one morning. I chose a blue morning for the video tour.

Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters can be found in snowman decorative form in Town Square.

Donald and Daisy are also part of the scene, as are Chip and Dale.

Mickey garlands are above Main Street U.S.A. They are really dazzling at night, synchronized with the music.

As we approach Central Plaza, various statues include Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey offers a gift to Minnie.

One set of characters I missed in the video are Donald and Daisy. Donald also has a gift.

Even when there were clear blue skies out, the weather was chilly the whole trip (culminating in some snow on our last day).

Here is one of our videos of Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade.

I recommend Disneyland Paris for the holiday season! We had a wonderful trip and even with some aspects of the season missing this year, the parks were gorgeous and the new parade lived up to its name. Next time I’ll do more with the video walking tours as well. As it is I have about 7000 photos to comb through for various articles about Disneyland Paris and more. Check out our Disneyland Paris 2021 holiday playlist, we are continuing to add videos this month.