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Review: L’Hiver Gourmand Winter Market at Disneyland Paris 2021 (Runs Through 3/20/22)

Hi everyone!

L’Hiver Gourmand is back at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris this winter and we stopped by the chalets for one of our meals and then dessert on a separate day. I wish we’d had at least one more visit to the chalets, the food was delicious and reasonably priced. There are seven total chalets this year, with five of them being at La Place de Rémy and two others in another area of the park. L’Hiver Gourmand is scheduled to run through March 20th, 2022. Here is a look at our experience!

La Place de Rémy is where Ratatouille: The Adventure and Bistrot Chez Remy are located.

The chalets each serve up a number of different food and drink items.

Our first stop was Les Saveurs de Saison (Seasonal Flavors). I purchased the Vegan Butternut Soup for 5 Euros, the Disneyland Paris Lanson Brut Champagne for 10 Euros, and on another day we picked up a Yule Log (Bûche de Noël) for 6 Euros. The price was about 1.10 Euros to the dollar, so 5 Euros would be about $5.50.

Here is a look at the Lanson Champagne.

The champagne is “imagined and developed for Disneyland Paris”.

The butternut soup was extremely hot. This was a nice serving size, a full cup of soup and creamy.

I learned today that they do serve the champagne normally in a plastic champagne glass, mine came in a soup cup. 🙂 It was a decent pour.

There are several types of Bûche de Noël, I chose the chocolate.

This was so good, with plenty of chocolate.

Before the next food items, I just want to mention that this is a winter market. It was in the 40s when we had our meal outside. We kept putting it off due to the cold and now I wish we hadn’t.

On the booths, it has a logo that includes the Earffel Tower and “Bonne Dégustation” (Good Tasting).

There is also a sideways Eiffel Tower, fork and chef’s hat.

Next, we went to Les Doucers d’Hiver (Winter Sweets). Mulled wine and chestnuts along with hot chocolate and tea can be found here. We ordered the Cone of Roasted Chestnuts for 6 Euros and Mulled Wine for 6 Euros. Both were nice portions.

There were several chestnuts that fell out of the cone into my camera bag that I found later, and the cone was still quite full. The mulled wine is the same as can be found in Disney Village – I believe the same company runs both markets. I wanted to try Christmas markets in Paris but this actually sufficed quite well for me.

Here is a look inside that booth with the large vats for mulled wine.

Jeff also ordered a Raclette Cheese & Cured Ham Sandwich for 6 Euros and found it quite tasty with plenty of cheese and ham.

There were a couple of types of cheeses in this booth, I am not sure which one was cooking.

Galettes and Crepes can be found at one booth. Jeff ordered the Buckwheat Pancake with Duck Breast Fillet with Emmental Cheese for 7 Euros. I ordered a Sweet Crêpe with Salted Caramel for 5 Euros.

Crêpes were being laid down.

Jeff’s Duck Breast Galette was substantial, everything to me was worth the price. He also really enjoyed it.

Here is a look inside.

The Salted Caramel Crêpe was so good.

There were also Gingerbread Men for 6 Euros.

Pretzels are 4 Euros. There are food and beverage items I didn’t show, not to mention the other two chalets that we only stopped by to take a look at and hadn’t returned to.

If we are able to return this season or toward the end of 2022, we will try more of the chalet items. I enjoyed this experience quite a lot. I normally pick up mulled wine in Disney Village but enjoyed having it here even more – and there are more real food choices, as opposed to just snacks and sweets.

The area lights up beautifully at night with Christmas lights and decorations.

The Earffel Tower looks beautiful at night with Christmas decorations in the foreground.

L’Hiver Gourmand is a wonderful addition to Walt Disney Studios Park during the holiday season. This is only our second time visiting when it was running and I look forward to doing so again, hopefully in the next year.