Review: “Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure” Little Golden Book

Hi everyone!

I purchased the “Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure” Little Golden Book that is a classic book from 1997 updated for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. This is one of a number of Disney parks Little Golden Book titles (others are Haunted Mansion, its a small world, Jungle Cruise, Orange Bird, Space Mountain). Here is my review!

The central story of “Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure” is that Mickey is looking for his new drum major’s hat all over the Magic Kingdom (but mostly he and Minnie ride Walt Disney World attractions).

Most of “Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure” is from 1997. Even though the information for the book says that it has been updated to match current attractions, Mickey and Minnie ride the Grand Prix Raceway (which has been the Tomorrowland Speedway for like 25 years) and we see Buzzy as a character on the riverboat – and the attraction he was in, Cranium Command, closed about fifteen years ago at EPCOT. I’m not really sure why he is on the boat.

What is new in the book is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Mickey and Minnie ride with Dopey and the rest of the Seven Dwarfs, and more of the new section of Fantasyland can be seen on the two pages.

Mickey’s Walt Disney World Adventure” is a classic book, with a little new added to it. For the price point, it’s a nice addition to our bookshelf since we don’t have the original.

From the publisher:

Join Mickey and Minnie on an adventure through Walt Disney World in this classic Little Golden Book from 1997!

Experience Walt Disney World like never before as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and their friends spend a day in the park! Fly through Tomorrowland, float down the Jungle Cruise, drive across Main Street, U.S.A., and more in this delightful story full of fan-favorite characters and attractions. This book was originally published for the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 1997, and has been updated to match the current attractions at the park just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary, making it perfect for Disney fans and Little Golden Book collectors of all ages!


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