Disneyland Paris to Offer 30th Anniversary Spirit Jersey with Matching Pet Version

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris will kick off its 30th Anniversary celebration on March 6th, 2022 and with it, an abundance of merchandise – over 350 items in the coming months! One of my favorite items revealed so far is the Spirit Jersey with letters that include architectural elements of Disneyland Paris or attractions. Today it was announced that there will also be a version for pets. Take a look at both!

The first “D” features Sleeping Beauty Castle, fireworks and Tinker Bell. I hope to have this available when we visit. I love the design. Disneyland Paris says that it was all designed in-house.

There is a “30” on the front with the castle, and it looks like each sleeve says “30 Years of Magic”.

The pet version looks very similar! This is the first time that Disneyland Paris has had a Spirit Jersey for pets. A dog print is inside the “3”. The 30 makes up the shape of Mickey and is a prominent logo for the celebration.

I love so much of the merchandise already revealed for the celebration and look forward to our upcoming trip.