Disneyland Paris

Turkey Legs and Mickey Ice Cream Bars Now at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Turkey legs and Mickey ice cream bars are now on the menu at Disneyland Paris. Turkey legs can be found at the Last Chance Cafe in Disneyland Park, and Mickey ice cream bars at various locations.

The turkey leg in French is called Pilon de Dinde Saveur Barbecue on the menu (Turkey Leg Barbecue Flavor). It looked smaller from what we saw yesterday compared to Walt Disney World. It costs 9 Euros.

Disneyland Paris shared this photo.

Photo courtesy Disneyland Paris.

The Mickey ice cream bar is 4.50 Euros. It has been a little cold this trip to buy ice cream so we didn’t purchase one.

Disneyland Paris has come a long way in a short time with more varied food and treats (a lot is available for the 30th Anniversary!). It was a big deal for friends of ours here in Europe to have familiar items like the turkey leg and Mickey ice cream, items they know from other Disney parks.