Disneyland Paris

Gardens of Wonder at Disneyland Paris Adds Creativity to Central Plaza for 30th Anniversary (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris kicked off its 30th Anniversary celebration on March 6th, 2022 and we visited for the first half of March.

One of the highlights of the 30th celebration is the extremely creative Gardens of Wonder, which offers 10 gardens with 30 Disney and Pixar sculptures that turn in Central Plaza. Disneyland Paris says about this installation, “Each piece takes inspiration from a unique source – whether it be windmills or the world of Salvador Dali – combining materials, colors, and luminescent effects to create an immersive atmosphere in the middle of Central Plaza.”

Here are photos of most of the sculptures and a video that includes all of them.

First, our video.

The gardens are vibrant with flowers and other additions.

Surfboards help create the base of the sculpture that features Stitch.

Baymax is nearby.

Disneyland Paris also tested a new way for plants to glow. We didn’t see this as often during our trip as I would like due to the short amount of nighttime we experienced in the parks and the area was often crowded for “Disney Illuminations”. But later this year I look forward to spending more time enjoying these beautiful sculptures and lighting after dark.

The themed gardens include the “Gardens of Asia”, which includes the previous Baymax along with Sisu from “Raya and the Last Dragon” and Mushu. There is a nice variety of characters.


The sail from Moana’s canoe is featured here.

EVE from Wall-E.

One of my favorites statues is of the Toy Story aliens.

Ariel is surrounded by fish.

I didn’t photograph the “Finding Nemo” sculpture as well as I could have, but you can see the various characters here.

Dory swims with the other fish including sea anemones as part of the sculpture.

Snow White’s head is an apple and she is surrounded by bluebirds.

Other princesses here are Princess Aurora with Prince Philip and Cinderella.

Here is a closer look on Princess Aurora and Prince Philip.

Cinderella is also surrounded by birds. There are glass slippers on her statue.

More princesses are in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle – Merida, Belle and Tiana.

The Merida statue is another favorite of mine, as she holds her bow.

This is how they look at night.

Princess Tiana.

Sometimes the fountains are shown during the day and it gives a different look to the area.

Belle is the third of the statues here.

Maleficent is stunning and especially on a blue day with the Sleeping Beauty Castle background.

Here is one more look at her at dusk.

Next is Ursula.

Jafar also is part of the villainous garden.

Genie is another statue, with the lamp at the bottom. Flowers are incorporated through the statue.

Here is a look at the area at night.

From a distance, you can see how nice the landscaping is.

The fairies are part of another statue.

This is what the statue and location looks like at night, with the projections and luminescence.

Tinker Bell tops this statue.

Pumba and Timon.

Also back here are Kaa and Kevin.


Tigger holds a kite with Winnie the Pooh in an umbrella.

Pascal is nearby.

The Cheshire Cat is upside down.

The creations were brought about by the resort’s landscaping and entertainment teams and produced by two local craft businesses (After and Plastic Studios). Engineers, technicians, painters, 3D modelers and more worked for months to create the Gardens of Wonder.

Artistic Director Yves Ollier said about the project, “What I would love the public to feel is a complete discovery with fresh eyes on characters we know and that they feel all the poetry I put into it”.