Karen Mabon “Oh So Royal” Corgi Collection Pieces Available at EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion

Hi everyone!

The Queen’s Table at EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion currently has a range of “Oh So Royal” items ranging from pajamas/lounge wear to a baseball cap, tote, eye mask and more from British designer Karen Mabon. These items were designed for the Royal family, some are still in the Royal Collection shop online. Corgi designs are prominent.

The Queen’s Table is next to the Tea Caddy (attached) in World Showcase.

There are items in both turquoise and purple.

This oversized purple nightshirt is $160.00.

I only saw the baseball cap in turquoise. The cost is $45.00.

The sun hat is $70.00.

The eye masks are $40.00.

Each item has a tag that says Karen Mabon.

There are totes in both colors. The totes cost $40.00.

There are two colors of silk scarves, $165.00.

There are change purses, $40.00.

The merchandise takes up much of this section.

This looks to be a sleep/lounge shirt, $140.00.

Corgi plush has also been on sale here for quite some time.

And there is a basket of scrunchies, $25.00 each.

This isn’t everything that was created for the original collection but there is quite a bit here at EPCOT. The merchandise selection at the World Showcase shops does change regularly, so the items will be here until the selection rotates out or sells out.