Review: Golden Forest Club Offerings at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge for Breakfast and Tea Time

Hi everyone!

Our friends Tom and Cindy booked a night at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge last month in a Golden Forest Club room. They added us to the reservation so we could experience the check-in process and club level services, including breakfast and Tea Time (afternoon tea and other offerings).

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is actually the first resort I stayed at in Disneyland Paris back in 2002 for the 10th anniversary. The resort has a similar feel to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in that they are both themed to turn-of-the-20th century American National Park lodges but designed by different architects.

Here is a look at Tea Time and breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge!

When checking in, we received paperwork that included the offerings.  Breakfast is currently from 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and is not available for arrival day. Tea Time is from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. everyday. Soft drinks are from 12:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. each day.

There is a large sign for the Golden Forest Lounge.

It is easy to find in the resort.

There are two rooms – one is a seating area that doesn’t include the buffet. Then at breakfast and Tea Time, the other room opens up too.

Guests can have coffee, hot chocolate, etc. here.

The rooms have decorative leaves above, attached to what look like trees (I have a better photo in the buffet below).

The menu in the lounge is the same as the Redwood Bar, although it shows the hot and cold drinks as complimentary (including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Vittel, Fanta, Expresso and more).

Our first buffet experience was Tea Time. The middle of the buffet looks like trees.

Bottled water, juice boxes, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta and more are available.

There was more for Tea Time than I expected.

Here there are madeleines, chocolate chip muffins and brioche. The offerings may not be the same every day, but it is from our experience in mid-March 2022.

There is a variety of sweets, including several kinds of tarts on this day (apple, apricot, etc.)

Little sandwiches were a hit at our table. 

Pretzels were with the sandwiches.

There was a nice fruit basket both for Tea Time and for breakfast.

Crêpes were available for both Tea Time and breakfast. I added a little Nutella to my crêpe.

There were jars that included other items for filling the crêpes as well.

Chocolate lovers had several choices here as well – brownies, a chocolate tart and chocolate fondant. A custard sits next to this area for topping. There are way too many choices for one day. 

Small cups of rice pudding also were nearby.

Jelly candies were located in a different area.

Now for breakfast!

Breakfast at various hotels – not just Disney – tend to have a lot of the same items: Cheese, yogurts, meats, etc. That is no different here.

There was also salmon on the buffet.

Choices of meats included speck, mortadella and cooked ham.

Something else you will find on French buffets – breads. Croissants (regular and often chocolate) and other types of bread are always a welcome part of the buffet. The baskets here look like a hidden Mickey.

Madeleines, brioches and other bread items were around the corner.

There were a couple of types of cereal, a Mickey cake and croissants in this area.

The Mickey cake was quite good.

There was a decent selection of yogurts.

Guests can make themselves a full English breakfast, including tomatoes, baked beans and sausage.

There were thinly sliced potatoes.

Also bacon and another type of sausage were available.

A couple of different types of eggs were available and crêpes as well.

I don’t think I have ever seen honeycomb at a buffet. Disneyland Paris has their own bees and makes their own honey, but the sign mentions the German company Honig-Hof Göken.

Here is a look at the honey with the surrounding jams, Nutella, etc.

Mickey waffles were here as well.

There is a pancake machine.

Juices include apple and orange.

The fruit basket included grapes, apples and oranges.

My plate included pancakes, a crêpe, bacon and eggs.

Another plate at our table included breads and the eggs, bacon and potatoes.

Meats and cheese weren’t forgotten about.

The Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary has been noted on napkins, paper coasters and paper placemats across property. And with the room came 30th Anniversary chocolate gold coins.

I thought the offerings for both Tea Time and breakfast were terrific. Even if the buffets stayed the same each day, there were enough choices to have varied meals on subsequent days. The information outside of the Golden Forest Lounge says that breakfast could be purchased by guests not part of the Golden Forest Club at 35 Euros per person, I wouldn’t pay that much for the breakfast offerings. There is also breakfast for a fee at Hunter’s Grill, I am not sure how much that costs or what it includes exactly. Whether it is worth booking the Golden Forest Club depends – Tom and Cindy found a great price, but it would have cost much more just one night prior and Golden Forest was not significantly more expensive than a standard room for the night they booked. We usually stay off-property but we will consider a night or two add-on at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge in a Golden Forest Club room during a future visit.

Upcoming articles will feature the room and the Redwood Bar at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Thank you to Tom and Cindy for including us!