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Photos, Video: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Easter Egg Display 2022

Hi everyone!

I posted earlier about the decorated Easter egg display at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and there is also a festive set of eggs at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort that includes the Orange Bird, “Luca” and Grogu. Here is a look at the eggs!

Our video includes both Disney’s Beach Club and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort eggs.

The Orange Bird is first up, with slices of orange at the bottom.

Belle is in her ballgown with Beast in the ballroom scene.

Grogu is in his crib.

He holds out a macaron.

The “Luca” egg includes Alberto and Luca as sea monsters.

On the other side, they ride their bikes with other characters surrounding them.

There are three gelato cones at the base.


Mulan and Mushu.

Another egg features Merlin and Arthur, plus the sword from “The Sword in the Stone”.

Next to it is a “Tangled” egg, which includes Flynn and Rapunzel in the canoe and lanterns.

The other side of the egg features Rapunzel in her tower.

There is a sunflower on the floor, and it looks like a hidden Mickey on the book to the left. There is a lot of great detail in the egg.

At the base it says “Tangled”. A satchel can be seen to the right.

There is a tiny frying pan.

There are eggs for “101 Dalmatians” and “Beauty and the Beast” on this side.

We love to visit all the special resort displays, the pastry teams are so creative and talented!