shopDisney Adds Spider-Man and Venom RSVLTS Woven Shirts for Adults

Hi everyone!

shopDisney added Spider-Man and Venom RSVLTS woven shirts for adults today as part of the Marvel x RSVLTS collection. The sizes on these range from XS – 4X. Read below for more information, with additional details and photos on shopDisney while the shirts remain available!


Spider-Man Woven Shirt for Adults by RSVLTS

Here’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man on a soft, stretchy KUNUFLEX button down shirt by RSVLTS that will have you catching more attention than supervillains.


Spider-Man Miles Morales Woven Shirt for Adults by RSVLTS

Miles Morales is Spider-Man on this soft, stretchy KUNUFLEX button down shirt by RSVLTS. Sling this web-woven wonder on for size. Its allover ”City Slinger (After Dark)” print is sure to catch the eye!


Venom Woven Shirt for Adults by RSVLTS

Venom, Marvel’s spidery symbiote, will totally own your look when wearing this creepy KUNUFLEX button-down shirt by RSVLTS featuring Spider-Man’s alien alter-ego.


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