Funko Pop! VHS Cover: Amazon Exclusive Llama Kuzco from “The Emperor’s New Groove” Available for Preorder

Hi everyone!

The newest Funko Pop! VHS Cover available for preorder is the Emperor Kuzco in llama form from “The Emperor’s New Groove”. The figure is scheduled to release September 20th, 2022.  As other VHS Cover Funko Pop! figures are, Emperor Kuzco is an Amazon Exclusive. Funko Pop! VHS Cover figures currently available for preorder are “A Goofy Movie“, Woody and Lenny for “Toy Story“, and “The Lion King“. You can see all of them here while they remain available.

Read below for more information on Emperor Kuzco in llama form VHS Cover Funko POP!

  • Human or llama, one thing remains the same: Emperor Kuzco totally rules.
  • The exclusive Pop! VHS Cover of The Emperor’s New Groove features a sassy Pop! Kuzco in llama form.
  • This exclusive Pop! comes pre-packaged in a premium protector case along with the original VHS cover art from the animated cult classic.
  • Perfect for any Disney fan, this Pop! VHS Cover is ready to be admired while hanging on the wall or as part of your movie collection.
  • Vinyl figure is approximately 5.25-inches tall.
  • Approximate dimensions of protective case: 6.8”W x 8.5”H x 3.17”D


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