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Disneyland Paris & Orange Team Up for ‘Celebration Quest’ Treasure Hunt for 30th Anniversary

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris and Orange have teamed up for Celebration Quest, which looks like a very fun treasure hunt across both Disneyland Paris parks as part of the 30th Anniversary. There are even prizes that can be won. Read below for more information from Disneyland Paris!

Building on a relationship that dates back more than 30 years, Orange and Disneyland® Paris are once again teaming up to offer our guests a unique, digital and interactive experience: Celebration Quest, a sparkling treasure hunt that will take you to the four corners of both Disney Parks and plunge you into the heart of some of its best kept secrets. Disneyland® Paris and Orange invite you to take part in a brand-new interactive adventure inside the Disney® Parks during the 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Download the free “Celebration Quest” app and immerse yourself in an exclusive treasure hunt that unlocks the magic of 30 years in the making. Magical stays and 5G smartphones to win. The concept: Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store throughout our 30th Anniversary and play only inside of the Disney Parks. Digital treasure hunt with 30 puzzles, spread across the 2 Disney Parks: 25 in Disneyland® Park (5 in each Land) and 5 in Walt Disney Studios® Park. Each puzzle solved (by scanning a decor element with the phone’s camera and/or answering a question) will unlock a digital badge and a fun fact about the location you’re in.

When a puzzle is too complex or a location is inaccessible, it is possible to use the “Magic Book”, a joker allowing you to obtain a badge without solving the puzzle. 5 of these badges are “rare” and constitute the “Treasure Hunt”, the other 25 constitute the “Collection”.

After solving a certain group of puzzles, an exclusive photo filter is unlocked, allowing guests to take a photo with their favourite characters in their 30th Anniversary costume. There are 7 photo filters to unlock in total: one per land of the Disneyland Park, one for the Walt Disney Studios Park® and one for the “Treasure Hunt”. After completing the “Treasure Hunt” and/or the “Collection”, access is given to a draw to win stays at Disneyland Paris, Park tickets or 5G smartphones.