Disney Wish Tower Suite Photo & Video Tour (Funnel Suite)

Hi everyone!

The Disney Wish officially sets sail July 14th, 2022 as the fifth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. We were on the media cruise last week and had the opportunity to tour various locations on the ship, including the Wish Tower Suite. It is a gorgeous, 1966 square-foot “penthouse in the sky” (as per Disney) that is located in the funnel for the first time on a Disney ship. The suite is both spacious and cozy, and can sleep up to eight guests with two main bedrooms, a children’s room, a library that converts to a bedroom and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The suite is themed to “Moana”. Here are about 50 photos and our video tour of the Wish Tower Suite!

First up, our video.

The windows to the funnel suite can be seen here.

The sign outside says “Wish Tower Suite”.

There is a Mickey Mouse shaped doorbell.

And a little hidden Mickey in the center of the sign.

There is  a sculpture to the left. Disney says of it, When guests arrive home to the Wish Tower Suite, they may discover the statue pulsing in myriad hues of green amid soft chimes that recall the film’s distinctive soundtrack, revealing itself as the heart of Te Fiti. The special lighting and audio effects will eventually fill the room to provide a truly magical, one-of-a-kind greeting.

Here is a look at it with the stairs as a backdrop.

There is a table for guests to dine at, with a pantry/wet bar off to the right hand side.

A Moana sculpture sits on the counter near the table.

The half bathroom is nearby.

Amenities in the bathrooms are from Bvlgari.

The living area features a fantastic view out of the windows. There is no verandah in the suite, unlike other suites.

The “Moana” theming is often subtle.

A sculpture of Maui is in the living area.

Guests can look out the windows from either the first or second floor.

A small library area is also on this floor.

Artwork of Moana is on the wall.

Here is the view looking down from one of the main bedrooms.

This loft is lovely and cozy.

We were told a television rises from here with a remote.

A small desk sits nearby.

The bathroom area is huge.

The bathroom is like a suite unto itself, with a large tub and shower.

Luxurious Frette robes were against the wall.

There is also a walk-in closet here.

Both main bedrooms have a King size bed, and there is also a TV cabinet here at the foot of the bed.

The sitting area is nearby.

A look down at the living room.

We could see Mickey and Minnie as they were busy with media.

Artwork of young Moana is on the wall.

The bathroom is smaller but still impressive.

Here is a closer look at the bathrobe.

Down the hall is a children’s room.

There is more “Moana” theming on the way.

And also on the door to the room.

There are bunk beds in the room.

There is a desk with phone.

Lighting on the ceiling continues the theme.

The bathroom is really nice as well.

And here is a look at the spiral staircase as I was about to walk down.

The Wish Tower Suite does receive concierge services. You can find more out about the suite at the Disney Cruise Line website. There is only one Wish Tower Suite and it’s already proven very popular.

We will have much more in the coming weeks from our Disney Wish cruise, and we will be back onboard in late August as well on our own.