Disney’s BoardWalk Bakery Now Closed to Become BoardWalk Deli (Photos)

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The BoardWalk Bakery is now closed to make way for the BoardWalk Deli! The BoardWalk Deli is scheduled to open later this summer, with Disney saying that it will be “inspired by the delis of the Northeast”. While the BoardWalk Bakery is closed, there are other options for quick service meals, including wraps, salads and more at AbracadaBar for lunch (and some breakfast items). We have all that info in the article! Here is a look from today, including a visit to AbracadaBar to check out their offerings.

There are plenty of portable shrubs along the Walt Disney World BoardWalk.

There is a sign in front of the BoardWalk Bakery with a listing of where to find quick service items.

The AbracadaBar is not far from BoardWalk Bakery and has a limited amount of items for breakfast and lunch before opening as a lounge each evening at 4:00 p.m.. Belle Vue Lounge also has quick service items, as does the BoardWalk Pizza Window. The sign here does mention the BoardWalk Deli (check out the BoardWalk Deli upcoming menu preview here).

Here is a look at the Pizza Window, which wasn’t busy at this time.

A sign tells guests about breakfast, with the usual menu once noon arrives.

There are plants in front of Trattoria al Forno, and it It looks closed but isn’t. Guests currently enter through the Flying Fish door – the same as with AbracadaBar.

Here is a look at the length of the portable shrubs, with mostly just a break at the Pizza Window.

This sign says to enter Trattoria al Forno through the Flying Fish. It also points to breakfast and lunch quick service items.

We walked through the Flying Fish into AbracadaBar.

There are a minimal amount of items for food here.

Coffee is on this table.

The menu includes grab ‘n’ go pastries, chocolate chip and sugar cookies, fruit, cereal, a few sweets, drinks, lunch wraps and salads.

Guests can purchase a refillable mug.

There is a case of bottled beverages.

Here is a look at items that guests can purchase, including muffins.

There are croissants.

Chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

There are a few cereals.

We didn’t go into Belle Vue Lounge this visit, but we will check that out next week. And here is a look at the former ESPN Club, which is going to be The Cake Bake Shop.

The Cake Bake Shop will open in 2023.

Are you looking forward to the BoardWalk Deli and Cake Bake Shop?