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Tour of Jessie’s Trading Post at Toy Story Land in Photos and Video – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hi everyone!

Jessie’s Trading Post opened this past week in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This “Toy Story” themed gift shop  can be found at the exit to Toy Story Midway Mania. While the main entrance is located on the way out of the attraction, guests can walk in from the exit path as well. Here is a look at Jessie’s Trading Post!

First, here is our video.

This is the hallway leading up to the store.

The sign outside the store features Jessie.

“Welcome” is above the entrance.

The shop is a pretty good size and themed well. On this table, the shelf to the left looks like Lincoln Logs and there are also barrels of products.

There are merchandise areas themed to various characters.

For example, this location is themed to Jessie – not all the merchandise is, but you can see a Jessie figure here.

The sign here is for Woody.

Rex includes Rex plush.

Jessie and Bullseye can be seen in the ceiling beyond these mugs.

It is impossible to get the whole ceiling in one photo. The design is really fun!

Here is a look at Bullseye.

The register area includes what looks like a toy register behind the cashiers.

Employee of the month is the beaver.

Mr. Potato Head and Hamm are on the front of the register desk.

“Andy’s Toys Only”.

There is a variety of merchandise that currently includes an adult Pixar hat and a Pride Collection sweatshirt.

Buzz Lightyear is on the ceiling too.

And the Toy Story Aliens.

There is a Sox plush currently available, with one also up above where it says “Andy”.

There is plenty of Buzz Lightyear merchandise.

This area is themed to Aliens.

And of course, Pizza Planet merchandise.

It is nice to have a real dedicated store in Toy Story Land now, although there isn’t Toy Story Land merchandise.

Woody can be seen on the way out.

I mentioned earlier that there is an entrance if walking through the exit path – and there is, but it’s nondescript and there was no sign pointing the way. Hopefully that will change.