Photo Tour of “Moana” Themed Cove Café on the Disney Wish

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a look at the Cove Café on the Disney Wish, which is “Moana” themed just as the  Tower Suite is. These photos are from an early morning walk on the debarkation day of the christening cruise. I had spent a fair bit of time here on two other days but it was busy and I didn’t notice the theme. Here is a look inside!

The carpet border closely resembles the pattern in Moana’s outfit with blue in the middle like water.

There is a nice amount of seating.

A boat sails on the water in this artwork.

On the ledge, there is a fish hook, shells, an oar and more.

This looks like a wooden stingray.

An oar sits on the shelf.

Just like in the Tower Suite, a lot of the design is subtle.

Here is a look at the bar. The location was open at this time, I walked in because I saw a guest purchasing a drink.

Here is a look at the ceiling.

The Cove Café is an adults-only location, with drinks being an extra charge.

I still have much more to post about the Disney Wish in the coming weeks, and then after our August sailing. Keep checking back for more coverage!