shopDisney Adds Mugs Including Mr. Toad, The Haunted Mansion, “Fantasia”

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shopDisney has added a variety of mugs in the past week, including today with a Mr. Toad mug and The Haunted Mansion urn mug (among others). I have had my eye on the Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Color-Changing “Fantasia” mug as well.  Here is a look at some of the mugs that are available! Information is below each, with additional details on shopDisney while each remains available.

Mr. Toad Mug

You and Mr. Toad can really put your heads together when you drink from this figural mug featuring the wide-mouthed visage of J. Thaddeus Toad, Esq. The ceramic cup’s molded design captures the smiling character from Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

The Haunted Mansion Urn Mug

Get a handle on your fears with this Haunted Mansion mug. Its molded design is based on the urns found at the popular attraction and features a raised Haunted Mansion logo on both sides.

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Color-Changing Mug – Fantasia

Transform your morning with a sip of sorcery from Mickey Mouse and this magical color-changing mug. Inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic Fantasia this mug features artwork of Sorcerer Mickey with sparkly gold colored details and handle.

Hocus Pocus Color Changing Mug with Spoon

Stir up trouble with the ceramic spoon styled to look like wood, or just boil and bubble your favorite witches brew in the cauldron-shaped mug with color changing details inspired by Disney’s Hocus Pocus

Mickey Mouse ”Oh Boy” Mug

Everyone’s favorite mouse and his signature catch phrase, ”Oh Boy” are featured on this ceramic mug with an ombre design.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Chef Mug with Lid – EPCOT Food & Wine Festival 2022

Make room for Mickey and Minnie in the kitchen with this cute mug. The molded design features Mickey and Minnie’s faces with a chef hat lid, making it a wonderful reminder of the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2022.


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