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Halloween Garland, Decorations Arrive to Disneyland Paris For 2022 Season

Hi everyone!

Halloween garland and other decorations have been arriving to Disneyland Paris as it gets ready for the October 1st start of the Halloween season. We had our first Disneyland Paris park day for this trip and it was exciting to see the garland again! This is our fifth time visiting during Halloween, it’s one of my favorite times of year to be here.

Here are a handful of photos from yesterday! I will have a full Disneyland Paris Halloween decoration article in the coming days when more has been placed.

I still remember the first time Halloween garland was added. It was a great addition to Main Street U.S.A.

Frontierland is pretty fully decked out now, with the pumpkin characters that remind me of scarecrows taking up residence.

This is a fun photo op, with just enough room to sit.

Sunflower decorations always lend some brightness here.


Jeff posed with two of the pumpkin characters.

Down by Cowboy Cookout, there is a terrific photo op. I will step into the frame next time to show that.

A large Mickey shaped pumpkin looms while other Mickey shaped pumpkins are at the base.

There are a ton of Día de Muertos decorations in place as well, which I will photograph probably Sunday morning. It is exciting to see Halloween taking shape!