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Disneyland Paris Adds More Halloween 2022 Decorations – Ghosts of Main Street in Town Square

Hi everyone!

Two of the Ghosts of Main Street U.S.A. have arrived to Town Square at Disneyland Paris in advance of the 2022 Halloween season, which begins on October 1st, 2022. Decorations have been arriving to the parks and resorts for more than a week. The two ghosts have coloring and emblems to match the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Here are photos from today!

The two ghosts are baseball players, with one of them holding a bat. The players have the iridescent 30th coloring and some of the pumpkins do as well.

The pumpkins are new this year.


The batter has a “30” on his hat.


The catcher is on the other side of the display.

He has a “30” on his shirt.

This pumpkin is a planter as well.


Here is a look from another side.

And looking toward the Main Street Train Station.

Mickey and Minnie were greeting guests from above at this time.

We will be sharing much more of Disneyland Paris Halloween in the coming weeks!