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“Mickey’s Halloween Celebration” at Disneyland Paris Delights Guests as it Returns for 2022 Season (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Halloween season kicked off yesterday at Disneyland Paris, with “Mickey’s Halloween Celebration” being the centerpiece. It is both a parade/cavalcade AND a show, as Disneyland Paris seasonal productions often are now. It is great to see it back after a few years away! Here are some photos and video from the last couple of days.

First, here are two of our videos.

Photos are next, just a small amount of all I’ve taken!

Daisy Duck is Miss Harvest, and leads the parade.

Donald is up next. The theme of the parade centers around autumn and the harvest.

Scrooge McDuck is with his pumpkin on the back of this float.

The Three Little Pigs are up next.

There are a lot of performers in the procession!

The costumes are extremely vibrant and themed to autumn.

Clarabelle and Horace are part of this group.

The Pooh characters – Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore and Piglet – are on this float.

Minnie Mouse is on a harvest float, with more performers in front of her.

In this photo, you can see Minnie on her float and Mickey on top of the Illusion Manor float.

Minnie strikes a pose with a big ear of corn behind her.

Chip and Dale join Clarice at the back of the float.

The sunflower costumes are beautiful!

On the Illusion Manor float are The Phantom and Melanie, with Pluto as a gargoyle.

Mickey appears in several costumes on the float.


Mickey exits the float to dance on one of the stages.


The Phantom and Melanie also perform.

There are characters and other performers on four stages. I’ve only seen one stage up close so far this visit, the Mickey Mouse stage. There are fireworks as well.

The Phantom didn’t look happy after the performance. 

At the back of the Illusion Manor float are Huey, Dewey and Louie with pitchforks.


Even the performers at the end of the parade with the rope are always fantastic!

Disneyland Paris has amazing seasonal entertainment, and this is our fifth time visiting for the Halloween season. If you do plan to see Mickey’s Halloween Celebration, it is only playing once per weekday and twice on weekends. Today I watched it from near “it’s a small world” and then followed the parade to Central Plaza. Because I followed closely, I ended up with a decent Central Plaza viewing location as well. You can watch this just as a parade, or be within the four stages at Central Plaza and watch it mostly as a show. It helps to be here for many days to get a variety of views, just as with any of the seasonal entertainment at Disneyland Paris!