Minnie Mouse Disneyland Paris Collection Now at EPCOT’s France Pavilion

Hi everyone!

A Minnie Mouse Disneyland Paris collection is now at Plume et Palette in EPCOT’s France Pavilion. I had not seen anything from the collection prior (not at Disneyland Paris or here) until the day after I posted this.

Here is a look at the collection! There are one or two additional items I didn’t photograph well and I’ll go back for those today (December 16th).

This looks to be a nightgown and costs $39.99.


Minnie Mouse swings her purse. You can see the “30” logo here,

There is a Minnie Mouse wallet, with Minnie in a beret and with bows.

The other side has stylish dots, along with the “30”. $16.99.

This black purse has Minnie Mouse and the “30” embossed. $44.99.

The front of this sweater is plain/blank.

The back says “Minnie”, “Paris” and “30”. $59.99.

I didn’t see the 30th logo on these joggers. $49.99.

This sleep set is $44.99.

It includes a halter top and sleep shorts.

This Minnie Mouse rain jacket is in a bag. I didn’t take it out to see what it looks like. It costs $34.99.

The shop features other Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary merchandise currently as well as items like the EPCOT World Showcase France Spirit Jersey.

I always love stopping at the EPCOT France pavilion and checking out the new merchandise!