Walt Disney Imagineering Celebrates 70th Anniversary (Official Video)

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Walt Disney Imagineering celebrates its 70th Anniversary today! Disneyland Paris shared this short article, along with a video from Disney that celebrates that huge milestone. The video by Iwerks & Co., below features historic and recent footage. Various Imagineers speak, with one saying “It’s like making magic out of nothing”. We hear some familiar voices, including Joe Rohde (who we also see) and Marty Sklar.

Read more below the video from Disneyland Paris! And also check out the Disney Parks Blog post honoring this day.

On this date 70 years ago, Walt Disney formed a think tank of his moviemakers to design and develop Disneyland, leveraging their expertise in film to craft dimensional storytelling. Combining imagination and engineering, these were the first Imagineers.
Photos copyright Disney

Today, Walt Disney Imagineering continues Walt’s dream of creating immersive experiences that bring people together – not only at Disneyland but at all Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, entertainment districts and beyond. 

The amount of Disney magic made by generations of Imagineers from all over the world during the last seven decades is mind-blowing when you step back and reflect on all there is. But as Walt Disney Imagineering president Barbara Bouza shared at D23 Expo, there’s nothing like working alongside Imagineers who thrive on doing the impossible.

Every day, Imagineers are proudly building upon this extraordinary legacy of experiential storytelling and pioneering innovation, and this year, they’re excited to be celebrating their 70th anniversary! Imagineers around the world celebrated this milestone during internal celebration events in California, Florida, Paris, Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

A huge thank you to all Imagineers, past and present, for their contributions to this incredible legacy. As Walt would say, “we’re just getting started!”