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New Tomorrowland Marquee Sign Revealed Along Path from Storybook Circus to TRON

Hi everyone!

Today was the first TRON Lightcycle / Run Passholder preview day, and we had an 11:00 a.m. reservation. One thing that was different from the Cast Member preview we attended was that we exited along the path to Storybook Circus. On the way to Storybook Circus, I turned around to wait for Jeff and noticed a Tomorrowland marquee sign that is situated in the opposite direction.

We went along the path to Storybook Circus, and the sign this way is nothing out of the ordinary.

But when I stopped to look back after heading down the path, the Tomorrowland sign was to my right.

It is a really nice sign for entering Tomorrowland! Today we could exit only though.

I turned around for some photos as we left. There is a lot going on here with the sign, the bridge and the canopy with the TRON coaster track.

I look forward to seeing this area when the previews have ended.

We will post more about the TRON Passholder preview day soon!