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Dining Review: The Royal Pub at Disneyland Paris (the Newest Restaurant in Disney Village)

Hi everyone!

The Royal Pub opened last month in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris, replacing the popular King Ludwig’s Castle. We joined friends for Happy Hour two weeks ago (the Happy Hour was held over from King Ludwig’s) and many of us ordered food from the menu as well.

Here is our review of The Royal Pub!

The Royal Pub opened on February 17th, 2023 and will not seem unfamiliar inside to those who have been to King Ludwig’s Castle. I do like that there is plenty of seating outside, although we didn’t use it due to the weather.

This sign in Disney Village says that The Royal Pub has “The Finest Pub Food”. Happy Hour is from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. The wording of this sign originally said it was “The Best of British Food” and the original press release also noted that The Royal Pub was a British pub concept. But the food isn’t decidedly British, there are Irish inspired dishes and others that aren’t either British or Irish.

Our host arrived just before 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday and was seated upstairs. We were allowed to bring our Happy Hour drinks with us and then ordered food. There was about ten of us in the group, and I don’t think they had seating large enough to accommodate us in the bar area when the host arrived.

The Happy Hour features beers – Kaltenberg Royal Lager, König Ludwig Weissbier and König Ludwig Dunkel (with “König” spelled incorrectly on the menu) of various sizes and prices. I ordered wine for 4 €, and there are Classic Cocktails for 8.50 € during Happy Hour (and yes, there is still a mojito). You’ll notice below an All Day Breakfast as well for 24 €.

The Royal Pub offers a decent amount of options for food and beverages. Most restaurants at Disneyland Paris have cut back their menus, so that is one thing I appreciate here.

The back of The Royal Pub menu features wines, spirits, and other alcoholic beverage offerings.

Jeff ordered one liter of the Kaltenberg Royal Lager. The restaurant did not have a 1 liter glass available, so he came upstairs with two 50 cl mugs.

When our friend Rony (from DLPlicious) arrived and ordered, the 1 liter mug was available.

The Royal Pub was not busy when we arrived, but it did fill up – and not just on that Saturday night. It was a popular location for guests during our two-week trip.

Jeff ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala. It comes with a chicken fillet, sweet peppers, garlic confit and rice for 24 €. The food was served in a very big dish, which made the portion size look smaller. It was an average portion size, and tasted fine – but it didn’t taste like any chicken tikka masala I’ve had or made before. And there wasn’t much spice to it.

I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered the Crispy Chicken for 11 €. It is a starter on the menu, but was enough for me (in addition to trying the Chicken Tikka Masala). The Crispy Chicken is marinated crispy chicken with bourbon BBQ sauce. I don’t know what it is marinated in. Essentially they tasted like regular chicken tenders that were a bit overcooked (not plump and juicy like some).

Our friend (and evening host) Jeff Gordon from Gordon Grubs ordered the All Day Breakfast. He says, “I was pleasantly surprised at the portion size and the food was quite tasty. I felt the bacon leaned a little more American style then British. I was also happy we got juice & coffee included in the price”.

Another friend ordered the Classic Fish & Chips for 22 €. He was happy with the meal and portion size.

Someone else at the table ordered the Pastrami Club Sandwich for 23 €. The sandwich was thicker than photos I’d seen from the first days, but the crisps/chips should be upgraded, IMHO for the price.

Left over from the King Ludwig’s days, jousting artwork was still on the walls.


Napkins do feature the name of The Royal Pub.

And there is a menu with activity sheet for kids, including a cut-out crown. We were on our way out at the time and I just took a quick photo (there was a long line of guests and the area was very busy).

One thing to note – the staff from King Ludwig’s Castle is the same staff as is at The Royal Pub.

Everyone at our table seemed satisfied enough with the food. I probably wouldn’t go back to dine unless we were with friends who really wanted to eat at The Royal Pub (there are many other restaurants I prefer), but we will order drinks and enjoy Happy Hour on future trips. That said, the menu has enough variety to cater to families and also offers a couple of vegetarian options. The server at our table was good and I liked the room we were sat in – it was a nice location for a group of friends. But for me, the food was pretty average.

We received a discount with our Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.