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Dining Review: PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris from March 2023 (with 90 Photos)

Hi everyone!

PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris opened last year with the new Avengers Campus inside Walt Disney Studios Park. PYM Kitchen is a buffet, unlike Pym Test Kitchen at Avengers Campus in Anaheim, California. We have dined at PYM Kitchen twice now and enjoyed it both times. Most of the photos in this review are from our March 2023 visit (a small amount are from 2022).

We made reservations 60 days prior for PYM Kitchen. It can be a hard reservation to secure at times, especially for a party of 2. We happened to be in Avengers Campus earlier than our dining reservation, and found Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger & Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro walking through Avengers Campus. So it was a memorable day.

Here is our 2023 PYM Kitchen review at Disneyland Paris! Our final thoughts are at the end of the article – after the 90 photos that I included.

The PYM Kitchen price went up (as did most restaurants) late last year. The price only raised by 3 € for a price of 45 € for adults, and 25 € for children 3 – 11. This does include one cold drink or mineral water (not refillable). The price includes tax and tip as most other restaurants in Paris do, although I almost always leave a small extra gratuity. We also currently receive a 15% discount with our Infinity Annual Pass. We find PYM Kitchen an overall good deal for Disneyland Paris.

We didn’t wait long to be seated – a minute or two, just like last visit.

The buffet is ahead. In the center, there are items that include freshly made pasta, and a giant burger and hot dog next to smaller versions. To the right is the hot buffet and to the left, cold items like salads, cheeses and desserts (plus the kids buffet, which has hot items).

The restaurant carpet has a hexagon pattern.

Our friend Rony from DLPlicious had taken photos of the restaurant last year prior to many guests arriving.

Fun artwork on the wall features Ant-Man and the Wasp with large food items. In this artwork, Ant-Man holds a giant carrot.

Giant fruit and vegetables can be seen here with the Wasp.

For our March 2023 visit, we were seated in this location (Jeff is in the photo in his hat). In fact, we were seated about two tables away from where we sat in October 2022, very close to the entrance to the restaurant (that can be seen to the right).

Salt, pepper and oil and vinegar are in test tubes on the table.

The table placemat features activities.

We received a drink menu on a clipboard. The first soft drink is included, but any others ordered will cost extra. There are beers, wines and a cocktail as well. I ordered a Fanta, Jeff a Diet Coke, and we eventually ordered the Signature Cocktail (but were brought the Signature Mocktail). I show that later.

One thing I really like at Disneyland Paris is the themed napkins. Every Disney restaurant should really have them.

Each party receives a large pretzel hung at the table upon arrival. Jeff had some of it this time, I chose to stick with the buffet.

The food isn’t all the same as when we visited in October. Much of it is.

My very favorite item from October was unfortunately not available, which was the multi-colored carrots (they were so good). I hope it is just a seasonal thing and that they’ll be back.

While guests do receive a pretzel, there is always bread available at restaurants. There were a couple of different kinds here.

This photo was taken by a friend last year. It was too busy for me to show the setup like this during our meal this month. This side of the buffet offers salads, cheeses, desserts, etc. There are a lot of items to choose from and looking at my photos now, there are items I wish I’d tried. Next visit!

There is more than one case that includes salad. This location includes a spring mix, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, rainbow radishes and more. It is easy to make a nice salad and I always do at the buffets.

Above, there was a rabbit and hazelnut pie.

Nearby, roast chicken rilletes.

There were a variety of meats, including dried ham.

Boursin cheese.

Sliced turkey.

Below is a continuation of the salad, with red onions, green peppers and more. Butter also was placed here.

Kiri cheese was made into a mousse, with vegetables in it. Below, a chicken wrap. There are so many different items on the buffet to choose from and we both only try such a small sampling.

Breadsticks were available.

Salad dressings are inside beakers. Below them, there were goji berries and other items.

Brie de Meaux is a very local cheese. Here, you can see the large wheel and small wheels (themed to the restaurant – large and small). You will find many small and large items side by side.

Other cheeses include Monterey Jack.

Pepper Jack.

One of Jeff’s favorite items to eat in France is the head-on shrimp, and you can often find it on buffets.

There were a variety of salads, this being bulgur – quinoa.



Freekeh and smoked salmon ancestral salad.

I mentioned there was another area for salads.

When I photographed this salad, there were no apparent giant croutons. Jeff says he saw them later. 

This is what the giant croutons can look like.

Smaller croutons were nearby.

Super spicy hummus with jalapenos and nachos.

Jeff really liked the hummus, he didn’t expect to. This is one of his plates.

Now on to the hot food!

Jumbo jambalaya is a popular item here.

The roasted potatoes are a favorite of mine.

Roasted pork breast with BBQ sauce.

Corn dog.

Green beans with crispy onions. Last year, there were extra long green beans included and I am not sure if that was the case this time. 

Next is a prawn and coriander stir-fry.

Wheat strips and chickpeas. Next to it is the fried chicken wings, which Jeff really likes.

Vitelotte gnocci.

At the center island, guests can either have a slice of the jumbo burger…

Or they can choose a small burger. I have had both. PYM Kitchen makes a nice burger.

There is also a giant sandwich.

We photographed the sandwich in full last year.

Nearby was a jumbo beef hot dog, next to smaller hot dogs.

I also enjoyed some freshly cooked pasta. It is always nice to have pasta slid from a pan onto a plate (as opposed to taking it off the buffet).

Jeff’s plate included a variety of hot foods.

I had a small burger, some salad, pasta and roasted potatoes.

This is a slice of the giant burger on a themed plate.

Next, here is what the children’s food area offered.

There were small cheeseburgers.

French fries.

Rice and BBQ flavored breaded cauliflower.

Cheesy pasta gratin.

And last, dessert. This photo is from my last visit, with the whole Oreo-look cookie intact. The cookie is soft, more like a cake and not as sweet as I’d expect.

There are madeleines and other cakes – the large madeleine is with many small ones.

The dessert area was picked apart pretty well when I first walked by.

The gigantic strawberry dessert is nice.


The sign called this a maxi biscuit, I think it is like a pound cake.

The vanilla ice cream is good, and I like watching the machine take the small bowl and make a perfect portion.

Chocolate mum cake.

“Raspberry inspired tart”.

Jeff’s dish also included two desserts with the PYM particle disc additions. One is a carrot cake (left side).

I ordered the Signature Cocktail, but ended up with the mocktail (we found that out when we received our bill). I was wondering why it was so weak. 🙂

Jeff poured the beaker into the glass. Honestly, the drink was so sweet and not very good (IMHO). 

Here are a handful more photos inside and out of PYM Kitchen.

PYM Kitchen is a buffet we will visit on most of our Disneyland Paris trips. It isn’t our favorite buffet – our favorite is Downtown Restaurant at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. However, PYM Kitchen offers a wide range of food options, including healthy choices (I didn’t even show every food item). We have had two good meals here now and it is my favorite aspect of Avengers Campus. There are a lot of fun details inside the restaurant. We do find PYM Kitchen a good value.

I recommend booking PYM Kitchen as soon as you are able. We don’t usually stay onsite, so we have to wait until 2 months prior to our visit to be able to book. Tables for 2 can be challenging to secure at times.