Disneyland Paris

March Hare Refreshments Offers Delicious & Fun Ice Cream Treats at Disneyland Paris (Photos & Menu)

Hi everyone!

March Hare Refreshments at Disneyland Paris offers wonderful Alice in Wonderland themed ice cream creations. We stopped by during our visit in March 2023. Here is a look at the ice cream and also the menu.

March Hare Refreshments is located in this beautifully themed cottage. I took this photo before it opened for the day.

The March Hare holds a teacup on the sign. Dormouse’s teapot was not working anytime I walked by during this last trip.

There are three ice cream creations to choose from, all with vanilla flavored ice cream. They cost 5 € each. Currently, they are:

GI’As de Cœur (Ace of Heart Ice Cream)

A “Door” able glace (Won’ Door’ Land Ice Cream) – with vanilla flavored ice cream, brownies, and caramelized hazelnut slivers

Glace Joyeaux non-anniversaire (The Unbirthday Ie Cream) – Vanilla flavored ice cream, salted caramel sauce and popcorn.

It would be easy to miss the menu I shared above, and just see the Pause Goûter menu instead. Pause Goûter is a sweet break that costs 8 € and includes a cold or hot drink with the ice cream. I am sure many guests buy this not knowing they can just buy the ice cream on its own.

It used to be that there would be a Pause Gourmand offer, which was between certain hours and gave a good break on a snack. Now it seems Pause Goûter is the all-day version. This offer does give a price break on the combination. For example, the sodas cost 4 € and a hot chocolate, coffee with milk and cappuccino all cost 3.80 €. So if you are wanting a drink, it is best to get the treat and drink together. Some drinks aren’t as good a value, but starting at 3.30 €, they still offer a tiny price break.

I ordered the A “Door” able glace. It is delicious, and the portion size was large. Instead of a cone, it is in a waffle cone bowl. The brownie chunks are a nice size, and the Doorknob topper is adorable! It honestly is one of my favorite ice creams in a Disney park, and I think a good value for 5 €. Jeff and I would probably split one treat next time.


Jeff ordered the Glace Joyeaux non-anniversaire (The Unbirthday Ice Cream), with popcorn and salted caramel sauce. He also enjoyed this very much. We waited until the last day of our trip to order these, on a day that wasn’t as cold (or raining).

There was quite a lot of popcorn in the ice cream, and a Mad Hatter candy topper.

Here is a look at both of our ice cream creations.

March Hare Refreshments is close to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, in case you want to walk off some of your treat through a unique hedge maze.

And here is a closer look at the drink menus – cold and hot. The print is so small.

Disneyland Paris has a lot of nice treats and snacks now (compared with a couple of years ago) and I recommend March Hare Refreshments for ice cream. The line was pretty long when we went, but it moved relatively quickly compared with our Grogu Biscuit experience in Discoveryland. I think any food location can be slow when crêpes are involved.