shopDisney Adds “Moana” Spotlight Collection with Apparel, Mug +

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shopDisney added the “Moana” Spotlight Collection yesterday, among many other collections that were released. Included in the collection are the Kakamora Mug with Lid, a Moana Fleece Hoodie for Women, a Moana Woven Shirt for Men and more.

Here are six of those items, with additional details and more from the “Moana” Spotlight Collection on shopDisney while the items last.

Kakamora Mug with Lid – Moana

This fierce Kakamora mug can withstand the strongest coffee, the richest hot chocolate and endless spots of tea. While it might have the look of someone before they’ve had their caffeine, this mug is actually inspired by Disney’s Moana.

Crafted in stoneware, it includes a lid in the shape of the Kakamora’s horned head dress. So your new favorite mug might look ferocious, but it will keep your brew nice and warm.  

Moana Fleece Hoodie for Women

Fashionable wayfinders will be see-worthy in this bold Moana pullover hoodie. A striking image of the teenage explorer is pictured on the front of this salmon pink top which has subtle embroidered floral detailing. With its semi-cropped waist, dropped shoulders and tasseled drawstring tie, it’s sure to bring a wave of admirers.

Moana Ear Headband for Adults

You’ll positively bloom when wearing this Moana headband featuring a spectacular bouquet of flowers! The exotic floral display is complemented by a geometric pattern on the ears inspired by Moana’s island, creating a headband as gorgeous as the film’s setting!

Moana Tote Bag

Whenever heading out, whether it’s to the shops or a seafaring adventure, this sturdy cotton canvas tote will hold all your essentials. The young wayfinder Moana is featured on the front of this spacious bag, which includes a decorative pattern with geometric wave design. Featuring a bold colorful lining, simulated leather carry straps and tasseled cord, it’s as fashionable as it is functional.

Moana Woven Shirt for Men

Imagine yourself on an island paradise when wearing this woven cotton shirt inspired by Disney’s seafaring adventure Moana! The bold allover tapa print includes waves, flowers and even the menacing Kakamora so they’ll be sure to have your back.

Moana Pants for Women

Dress yourself up in island style with these Moana pants featuring an allover tapa pattern. The bold design includes fierce little Kakamora, waves, flowers and other motifs inspired by the movie. The coordinating orange drawstring tie at the waist includes beads and tassles so you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics without leaving the cozy comfort of home.


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