Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris to Close for Refurbishment June 5th, 2023

Hi everyone!

There are quite a few refurbishment closures coming to Disneyland Paris in the next couple of months. One of those is Pirates of the Caribbean, which will close for refurbishment on June 5th, 2023 and will continue through the end of June.

Photo by Jeff Lange, Mousesteps

Disneyland Paris does list refurbishments on a two-month rolling basis on the official website.

I was a little surprised to see Pirates of the Caribbean having a refurbishment for so long during the kickoff of the summer season. Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris is my favorite of the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions that I’ve been on and it is a must-do at least once each visit (usually more).

I will post more about May and June refurbishments in the coming days. I did post last week about the Phantom Manor refurbishment that will happen in May.