shopDisney Adds ‘Indiana Jones’ Merchandise with Disney+ Early Access Through June 8th, Including RSVLTS and Ear Headband

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shopDisney has added Indiana Jones merchandise today with Disney+ subscriber early access through June 8th, 2023 (while supplies last). I don’t know if there will be more merchandise added in that time. Included is a Indiana Jones ”The Indy Tiki” Button Down Shirt for Men by RSVLTS and a Indiana Jones Ear Headband for Adults.

Here are five Indiana Jones items available as of this writing with the Disney+ subscriber early access today, with additional details and items on shopDisney while they remain available.



Why choose one favorite Indiana Jones movie when you can wear three? ”The Indy Tiki” shirt by RSVLTS features iconic images inspired by the original trilogy and presented in a colorfully dramatic Tiki style. To name just a few, there’s Indiana running from the boulder, his famous hat and whip, Marion, Sallah, the headpiece to the Staff of Ra and a snake (sorry, Indy). Classically styled and effortlessly cool, this soft and stretchy KUNUFLEX™ button down shirt is a great discovery for any Indiana Jones fan.

Indiana Jones Ear Headband for Adults

This is a treasure that Indiana Jones would definitely be excited to find. The legendary archeologist’s iconic fedora hat is replicated in simulated suede and incorporated into this classic ear headband.

The detailed design even includes his braided whip which is attached to the hat for easy access. The distinctive ”Indiana Jones” logo is embroidered on the outside of this action-packed headband.

Indiana Jones ”Dr. Jones” Button Down Shirt for Men by RSVLTS

No introductions necessary, the iconic fedora and whip say it all on this Indiana Jones ”Dr. Jones” KUNUFLEX™ shirt by RSVLTS.

The allover print features Indy’s famous accessories and a skull inspired by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Classically styled and effortlessly cool, this button down shirt is made for adventure.

The Indiana Jones logo, complete with signature fedora hat and whip is central to the design of this tee. Inspired by Dial of Destiny, the latest movie involving the intrepid archeologist, this t-shirt features an allover printed tie-dye effect so you’ll look good when heading out on your next adventure.

Indiana Jones Headpiece of the Staff of RA Pin – Raiders of the Lost Ark – Limited Release

Illuminate your pin collection with this ancient treasure from the Valley of the Kings. As seen in the Indiana Jones film classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, this bas relief sculpted Headpiece of the Staff of RA will become the new focus of pin trading adventurers.


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