shopDisney Adds More Disney Sketchbook Ornaments Including Hercules, ‘Frozen’ and the Yeti

Hi everyone!

shopDisney has added more Sketchbook Ornaments today! I don’t see all of these under the Ornaments area of shopDisney, I found them under “New Arrivals“. There are more ornaments there as well. Ornaments include a Hercules and Megara Sketchbook Ornament and a Jaq and Gus Sketchbook Ornament.

Read below for information on five of the new Disney Sketchbook ornaments, with more information on shopDisney while they remain available (and additional ornaments).

Hercules and Megara Sketchbook Ornament – Hercules

Mighty Hercules descends from Mount Olympus in all his demigod glory to alter the outlook of the lovely but cynical Meg, former aide to scheming Hades, god of the underworld.

This epic, fully sculpted ornament will raise your holiday décor rating from zero to hero. Hang it under the ”mythletoe.”

Pain and Panic Sketchbook Ornament – Hercules

Hades’ aides Pain and Panic emerge from the underworld–and a ”Hercules” pedestal-shaped travel trumbler–to decorate your holiday tree with this sculpted Sketchbook Ornament.

Our demonic duo are sure to provide a legendary artifact for the ages.

Jaq and Gus Sketchbook Ornament – Cinderella

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Gonna help our ”Cinderelly” decorate for the holidays!

Jaq and Gus are a fully sculpted pair of mice peeking out from a miniature pumpkin coach, a dreamy Sketchbook Ornament to make all your Christmas dreams come true.

Yeti Sketchbook Ornament – Expedition Everest

Climb to new heights of holiday frights when hanging our Yeti Sketchbook Ornament high in the family tree.

Unlike some other abominable snowmonsters, this angry inhabitant of Everest isn’t inclined to help with the seasonal decorating, but he’s sure to be a roaring success nonetheless!

Anna, Elsa and Olaf Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament – Frozen

Do you want to build a snowman? No matter what kind of climate is outside your door, you can enjoy this timeless winter tradition with Anna, Elsa and an under-construction Olaf as seen in Disney’s animated film favorite Frozen. This memorable scene is now a fully sculpted Sketchbook ornament with musical feature for a hummable holiday celebration.


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